Town of Bansko is located in the South-West part of Bulgaria, 927 m. above sea level, in the valley, between three mountains – Pirin, Rodopi and Rila.

From one side – Rodopi mountain, from other side – Rila mountain – with the highest peak on the Balkans – Musala (2925 m.), and from the third side – Pirin mountain.

Town of Bansko is a main administrative, culture and economical centre in the municipality. From Sofia Airport the distance is 161 km. to the South and from Town of Blagoevgrad is 56 km. with good highway and road connection.

Town of Bansko is also favorite destination because of its closeness to Greece - only 140 km. to Aegean sea. There are thermal mineral springs near Town of Bansko (6 km.)

Because Bansko has it all!

Winter tourism
According to European research for the European ski resorts Bansko is one of the most preferable resorts. The resorts are put in six categories according to the length of the slopes. Bansko is the winner with its slopes of 51 up to 100 km length! Bansko is the cheapest resort in this category of 400 resorts researched.  The perfectly prepared and efficiently secured ski runs are stretched over 70 km., good ski school and ski wardrobe are at skiers and snowboarders disposal.
27 km modern lift equipment of big capacity transport quickly and comfortable the guests to the tracks, which are perfect prepared with flawless working amenities.
The ski zone has 17 marked tracks with total length 65 km., 9 km. of them are ski paths. Bansko offers an unique opportunity for 16 km. non-stop downhill skiing. The last 7 km. of ski path, which connects ski centre with town of Bansko are equipped with 40 tools for snow and lighting for night skiing.
The total number of the lifts is 23 – seven seat chair, from which two are new, 6 tow lifts and ten baby-tow lifts. There is a trail whirligig, new children’s tow lifts and a kindergarten.

Summer tourism
For the purposes of the summer tourism in the frames of  Pirin  National Park 13 main and 17 secondary mountain routes are developed. A rock climbing is allowed on 6 sites of Pirin mountain.  In the high alpine part of the mountain there are many cabins for tourists in the summer. Also, many excursions and trips are organized:  to Rilski and Rojenski monastery, town of Melnik, Bears’ Park in town of Belitsa, village of Trigrad, “Devil Throat” cave and other sightseeing and picturesque places; Pirin mountain tracks, riding in Rila mountain, biking, rafting, no brakes moto sports (atvs), safari, off-road and paintball.

Regular events:

  1. Alpine skiing disciplines world cup on “Alberto Thomba” ski track
  2.  From December till April – many winter events – alpine skiing disciplines, snowboard, biathlon competition
  3. In July -  Summer Theatre Festival
  4. In August – International Jazz Fest
  5. In September – Pirin folk Bulgaria – Bansko. International Bulgarian Song Fest
  6. In November – Bansko Film Fest – International Fest for Mountain Movies.

Town of Bansko is the newest Bulgarian ski resort and maybe, the most beautiful one. In the last years the resort attracts considerable amount of foreign investments, which allows sensitive improvement of the infrastructure and services related to the rest and entertainment activities.

The tourist business is the main field of strategic significance for the social-economic development of the Municipality of Bankso. Growing up amount of the investments in the field of tourism led to the employment positions in the field of tourist servicing and several times greater in the building sector. During last years here were built over one hundred hotels, from small family hotels to luxurious spa complexes.

The anticipation is to build up second cabin line in the ski centre, and EUR 30 MLN will be invested in a golf playground. The local industry is presented in small workshops in the timber and the tailoring industry; many firms in the field of trading and services, hotel and restaurant, agriculture. Timber workers and craftsmen are associated in a branch organisation, as a large part of their production (furniture) is for export purposes. The development of this branch and the investment policy of the small and medium-sized business in the timber industry are characterised by exclusive flexibility and dynamic processes.

The agriculture - at the present moment about 20% of the processed areas in the municipality are used. The main agricultural cultures that are grown here are potatoes and tobacco. The stock breeding includes cows, goats and sheep.

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