Eco-environment. The mountains of Rila, Rodopi and Pirin are national natural parks and some sites-places of them are entered into the list of UNESCO World Heritage. The region, where Town of Bansko is located, is one of eco-friendly places in the country. At that place, you really may feel the virgin and haggard nature. The edelweiss flower, the wild goat and the herbs are symbols of the region. One of the most widely distributed herbs is „Pirin Tea”, known as well as „Mursal Tea” (Sideritis scardica). The herbs, which grow there and are allowed to pick, are in the essential part of many medicines, and if you appreciate their natural power and know how to prepare them as a remedy, you will admire their plenty. So, the region is also known for its folk medicine men. The power of the nature irresistibly attracts people all over the world. The stress, diseases, polluted air are the scourge of our every day life. People with diseases and people with problems of any kind choose Town of Bansko for place of living and forget the reason of their choice.

Town of Bansko – that is a magic combination of history, traditions and culture. Everything, what the visitors of the town may find for themselves here – ancient architecture, heroic history, folklore, century-old culture, pure traditions and customs, specific cuisine („Kapama”, „Chomlek”, „Banski starets”), humor, revival style of the town – that is the peculiar symbol of  the Bulgarian spirit.
Town of Bansko is winter international resort, with excellent conditions for alpine skiing disciplines, ski running, biathlon and snowboard. European and World Cups slalom competitions are held here. Furthermore, Town of Bansko participates in the competition for choice of capital of Winter Olympic Games in 2014. Ski tracks under Todorka peak are suitable for beginners, as well as for experts. The alpine skiing disciplines world cup on “Alberto Thomba” ski track attracts many tourists, skiers not only from Bulgaria, but from abroad as well.
Out of the ski season you may bicycle, play tennis, ride, feel the adrenaline from rafting and rock climbing.
In the recent years Town of Bansko has become international popularity place after the start of the annual jazz festival.
Town of Bansko offers low prices of consumer goods and services.

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