On a land lot of 9940 sq. m., in town of Bansko – the first class ski resort in  Bulgaria - DOWNTOWN – a luxury prestige residential complex of closed type is situated. The complex especially is projected and construed, in order to “merge” the wild nature of Pirin mountain and modern residential construction. To the East of the complex there is a swift-flowing and disobedient river of Glazne.  “Downtown” offers calm and peace and excellent opportunity for living, relax as well as  magnificent conditions for skiing in the winter.  You may ride, play golf from spring to autumn, SPA and relax, enjoy the beautiful nature and fresh mountain air. You may use your second home all round the year.  It is excellent opportunity for the owners to combine the useful need and high return on investment.
The residential complex with inside garden provide for the peaceful atmosphere and in the same time the high standard of living. The complex is unique, modern and prestige and it combines a comfort and functionality. It is located in 200 m. from the cabin lift and in 500 – 600 m. from the old center of town of Bansko. The access is controlled by permanent video monitoring, there is also 24-hour security.
The complex consists of 15 buildings, with 246 apartments. Almost all buildings are oriented to the magnificent view to Pirin mountain. Everyone may find his sweet home here!
There are variety of apartments in the complex – two bedroom, three bedroom, four bedroom.


-   apartments, ranging from 66 to 100 m2, with a bedroom and a living room (sofa, arm chairs, coffee-table, TV set) with fully equipped kitchen (fridge, cooker, sink, aspirator, table with 4 chairs) and bathroom;
-  apartments, ranging from 110 to 150 m2, with two bedrooms and a living room (sofa, arm chairs, coffee-table, TV set) with fully equipped kitchen (fridge, cooker, sink, aspirator, table with 4 chairs) and two bathrooms;
 - apartments each one comprising of two one bedroom or two bedroom apartments, conjoined by a living room (for hosting friends independently, for example) and bathrooms

All of them have spacious terraces. On the highest floors the penthouses are situated. All apartments are completely furnished with the most contemporary furniture. Modern bedroom suites, wardrobes, boards and cupboards made of massive wood,  luxury suit of furniture, TV, kitchen furniture and equipment, including table wear; bedclothes, curtains, even door mat! There are telephone set, cable TV, Internet, fire alarm system and alarm security system in apartments. In the bathrooms there is SOS alarm system. Every apartment has remote control for reporting of water, electricity, heating. Luxury shared spaces.
There are 2 lifts „SIEMENS“ in each building – for passengers and valets. Owners of apartments may use cleaning and maintenance service, provided by technical staff.  In the underground levels of the buildings  there are technical premises, valet offices,  security and other service premises.
Park space and flower alleys give to the residents serenity, harmony and peace.
The owners of the apartments and their guests may benefit from ski equipment and shop on 2 levels, fast food restaurant and more than 6 shops at their service.
The façade is made of according to the typical architecture of Town of Bansko – simple red tile-roof covered with “Bramak-antque” tiles, polished granite, stone and wooden facing, wooden parapets.
Outdoor window sashes is made of PVC sheets “KOMMERLING”. On the ground floor the window sashes is made of aluminum, with 5 sheets and “K” class glass. The indoor window sashes is made of aluminum and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).
Gutters and drain pipes will be heated in order to prevent water freezing in winter.
The frame of the construction is made of steel-concrete elements – ledgers and columns, frames, thrust washers, floor slabs and tile-stone.
Brick  walls.
The most effective thermal, hydro- and sound insulations are used.
A central heating and air conditioning system is to be provided by world leader companies “CARRIER” and “CIAT”. The heating and hot water are provided by convectors, radiators; oil fired boilers type “BUDERUS”.
Cooling is provided by chillers type “CARRIER”.
Ventilation system for all premises is expected, according to sanitary regulations.
All heating, ventilation and air condition systems are to be managed by BMS.
Electrical supply is provided by own kiosk transformer electrical station.  Grounding, lightning protection, lighting and power equipment are made of, structure cabling system, phone set and TV equipment, LAN Internet is provided. Fire alarm and sounding system is developed. In all bathrooms an alarm SOS system is built and the control is executed by special observation desk in the reception.
Water and drainage system is standard.
Owners of the property may benefit from maintenance and management services of the ownership. Those services are part of the obligation of the owners of properties, and in the same time it helps them to manage and control their investment.
The management and maintenance service is to keep the gardens and green shared spaces; cleaning, lighting, permanent video control of shared parts.
Calm and cozy – that is the motto of that paradise spot! Do not miss it! Invest in the future! Enjoy the life!

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